If you wish to get involved in adult education in your local school or college, you will need to do the following.

  1. Prepare a CV and list your qualifications along with any relevant teaching or training experience. The training experience does not need to be certified or in an educational setting. We are always looking for trainers from different fields with good professional experience. Good I.T. skills and an ability to use PowerPoint is an advantage.

  1. List the courses that you feel you would be interested in teaching.

  1. If you are suggesting a new course, supply the school with the following:

  1. 250 word description of the course.

  2. 10 bullet points outlining the course content.

  1. Send your CV and additional information to the Director of Adult Education in the school or schools you have chosen.

  2. Classes start in September and January. However planning for courses usually starts many months in advance of start dates. May and November are the best times to contact directors in relation to new classes.